How to Become a Member

Becoming a SEAC member is a simple process, accomplished by following these steps:

  1. Print the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA)
  2. Mail a signed hard copy or…Email a signed electronic copy to SEAC
  3. Receive back a complete JPA agreement from SEAC
  4. You will then be contacted by SEAC Staff to discuss available services and benefits.

We welcome you to our SEAC services… helping you sustain positive, effective labor relations and negotiations!

Fee Schedule

The fee schedule, based upon ADA, is an addendum to the JPA.  Print here and attach.

If you need a current W9, you will find it here.

Retaining Membership

To support uninterrupted SEAC service, your district membership will automatically renew from year to year. Should a district wish to terminate membership, notification is required by April 1 of the prior year.