Value of Membership

“SEAC is one of the most useful professional school management organizations in terms of employer-employee relations.  Using them and their expert health benefits consultants is a must in meeting the challenges of providing those benefits to your employees.”
Brett McFadden, Asst. Superintendent/CBO, Monterey Peninsula USD



SEAC provides timely information updates, research, training, and advocacy to support district Employer-Employee Relations and Collective Bargaining. In addition, SEAC offers research and advice in Human Resources, Governance, and Leadership. SEAC research staff are ready to send electronic answers to questions, provide documents, and offer advice. An E-blast of relevant information comes to all members every week. Studies for individual districts are provided on request. Each SEAC district is entitled as part of membership to one Health & Welfare Benefits Analysis and one Negotiations Planning Meeting or Training Session each year.


SEAC will tailor workshops and training sessions to meet district needs. Multiple general topics are offered; each can be narrowed or expanded to meet individual district situations. SEAC member districts are entitled to one workshop per year at no extra cost. Additional training sessions are available at discounted rates. SEAC is proud of its comprehensive SCHOOL MANAGEMENT NEGOTIATORS CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, which provides 60 hours of training over six Thursday evening/Friday sessions. This program is offered annually, one in Southern California and one in Northern California, with dates from October/November through April/May. This year’s program information can be found HERE.


SEAC partners with Capitol Advisors to provide a powerful voice for member districts in Sacramento. Ongoing actions include responses to legislative issues raised by member district, regular legislator contacts, an annual Lobby Day for the SEAC Board, and target legislation advocacy each year. SEAC member districts are kept informed on current and pending laws. SEAC is an active member in the Orange County Labor Employment Relations Association (OCLERA), a joint labor-management chapter of the National LERA. It provides programs and trainings to joint labor-management groups to promote positive, effective labor relations in both the public and private sectors.

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