Our Mission

The SEAC mission is to provide education, support, and professional development to superintendents and management team negotiators through training, research, and advocacy.

SEAC represents district interests regarding labor relations and collective bargaining on statewide, regional, local, and district levels.


Our Core Values

Our fundamental values are:

  • Placing student interests first in bargaining
  • Advocating and protecting management rights to lead and operate effective school districts
  • Assisting districts to build and protect fiscal integrity
  • Assisting districts to provide fair and competitive salaries, benefits, and working conditions for their employees


Our Goals

The SEAC Board of Directors adopted two focused goals for SEAC:

  • To be the “go-to organization” to assist school district management teams in establishing collective bargaining processes that reflect the four core values.
  • To rally superintendent voices for collective bargaining and employer-employee rights that focus on student interests.