SEAC’s mission is to empower SEAC districts with


in the areas of employee-employer relations and collective bargaining.


SEAC districts receive:

  • Weekly electronic updates on legal decisions, legislation, and key issues
  • Timely information updates on breaking news
  • Research upon request on labor relations and negotiations issues
  • Sample documents and contract language in specific areas upon request
  • Answers to questions related to negotiations, employee-employer relations, and personnel challenges
  • Advice in human resources, governance, and leadership areas
  • Studies performed at discounted rates for SEAC members upon request
  • Health Benefits analysis, including one free analysis and discounted health benefits consultant services if desired


SEAC districts benefit from:

  • Training sessions brought to member districts on topics of need and interest (including one free workshop per member district per year)
  • Discounted registration for the comprehensive SEAC School District Negotiators Certification Program, an academy to prepare new, aspiring, and current superintendents and district negotiating team members in all aspects of collective bargaining in California
  • Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB) training, a discounted rates for member districts, for combined management and association negotiating teams.
  • For a reference list of training topics, click HERE.

Legislative Influence

  • SEAC partners with Capitol Advisors to provide a powerful voice for member districts in Sacramento. Ongoing advocacy includes:
  • SEAC inquiry and response to legislative issues raised by member districts
  • Regular legislator contacts and communications by SEAC staff and by Capitol Advisors on behalf of SEAC
  • An annual Lobby Day for the SEAC Board to address major issues with legislators and advisors
  • Target legislation advocacy each year to support district leadership and management needs

Extended Services….

SEAC also offers extended services at discounts to SEAC member districts. Click HERE to gain more information.