SEAC had very successful legislative results in 2016-2017. After the Governor finished signing and vetoing bills at midnight on October 15, 2017, SEAC had six (6) positive outcomes and one (1) not positive outcome.

The following bills SEAC supported and signed into law were:  

  1. AB170 easing credential requirements
  2. AB461 giving teachers income tax relief
  3. AB659 protecting reproductive health information
  4. SB17 making drug costs more transparent
  5. SB751 providing more flexibility with district reserves
  6. SEAC opposed AB568 extending maternity leave benefits (based solely on excessive and non-reimbursed costs). The legislature passed it, but the Governor agreed with us and vetoed it saying districts had other local options.

SEAC opposed AB670 which extends bargaining unit rights to part-time playground aides. The legislature passed it and the Governor signed it over our objections.